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EZshine Diamond Clean Technology Co.,Limited originates from Ashine Diamond Tools, the state-of-the-art manufacturer focusing on diamond technology for floor preparation, grinding and polishing business since 1993. In 2020, EZshine separately operated from Ashine and focused on the floor cleaning, maintenance and polishing market.

All Ashine and EZshine story starts from Richard Deng, the founder and president of Ashine Diamond Tools. Even today, all the corporate culture and value are deely shaped by him. Hope his story can make you know us better. 

Richard Deng majored in physics (semi-conductors), he acquired his bachelor’s degree in Xiamen University in 1987. In 1990, he graduated from Sichuan University and acquired his master's degree in Diamond. He ever worked as a technician in Xiamen Best Diamond Co., Ltd. since 1990 to 1993. From 1993 to 2002, he worked as diamond tools export manager in China Minmetals Corporation .

With keen sense to the market, decisive judgment, professional technical know-how and the personality with strong passion to share knowledge with others, he makes the staffs and customers who have worked with him deeply impressive.

The way Richard Deng is obsessed with diamond tools technology makes others around him infected unconsciously. His past experience of working in sales and technical position enables him to flexibly bring his experience and knowledge to those who grow with him, which also establishes the foundation for the talents training of Ashine and EZshine.

Since its establishment, his management philosophy has successfully shaped the corporate culture of Ashine. Under his leadership, Ashine has grown from a little-known nobody to a world-renowned diamond tool manufacturer in the floor grinding and polishing industry.

[Narration by Richard Deng]

“Become the most influential supplier in a focused field”

······You have to make money for living over the first five years of starting a business. Nowadays we've passed this phase. We sorted out: what we want to do? What's the plan in the long run? What is the purpose of establishing the enterprise? Our vision is to make Ashine as a high quality symbol, to break the stereotype about low-quality Chinese manufacturing and to become the world's most respected supplier of grinding and polishing diamond tools.

Earn respect from clients and competitors with top quality and performance

Being in foreign markets for many years, we're aware that money is always endless to earn. But in the market, especially in the professional field, to be recognized is very honorable for our life value. I often tell my employees that the company's greatest desire is to be the most respected supplier, no matter how big our scale is. If you sell a lot but the quality sucks, nobody will pay respect to you. People will respect you only when your products are of good quality, when your service is good and when your credibility is high. You will not acquire reputation if you just neglect one of these points. Although we don't sell much in quantity, people will still respect us as the quality locates in high end. 

When our employees go to visit the world's top peers, whether they are purchasing or general manager, and they all treat our sales people with enough respect. This is the sense of satisfaction we gain from career. This satisfaction must be guaranteed by the superior product quality.

Listen to the clients and keep quality on mind

That's what we're chasing after. This pursuit has to be supported by high quality, which means we need to do relentless technical research and invest hugely on talents, capital, equipment, instruments and so on.

Focusing on quality improvement also requires us to keep an eye on the needs of cutting-edge customers in the world and the dynamics of competitors, to keep pace with the times, and to master first-hand information and feedback from the market. Therefore, in terms of marketing mode, all our products are selling through our own channels to the dealers, which means we have a clear understanding of all customers’ situations and where the products are applied practically. We also get fully hold of feedback on quality because we control all the channels.

Focus on advanced international standard, keep sustainable development

In addition, great attention has been paid to learning more advanced management concepts. For example, we introduced Japanese 6S in production department management. Plus, we purchased professional gloss testing instruments to test products for sticking to international high standards of this industry. 

From our viewpoint, manufacturing high-quality products is the best reward for customers’ loyalty. In this way, the development mode with quality as our core of competitiveness can avoid price wars and ensure sufficient profits, which will be beneficial for R&D investment, equipment updating and improvement of staff's living standard.

The beneficial competition focusing on quality can also protect the growth of the enterprise and the sustainable development of the whole industry.

At the same time, the persistence on quality makes us focus on one field to constantly make progress and pay attention to details to make products perfect. Of course, once we establish such belief, we will stick to it forever. What I said 10 years ago and 20 years ago, we still do this today and will never change. So, looking back at our positioning and vision, you will know all these are closely connected.

With our high core value of Consistent Quality Product, Trust and Reliability with our partners and our strong R&D and innovations, we sincerely hope to walk forward  with  our global partner in the countless 27 years in the future.

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