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Sep 27 , 2020

Dear Visitors,

Many thanks for visiting us. Even you don't visit us on purpose, we want to say hello and wish you have a good day. We're a manufacturer focus on floor care jobs over 27 years. Welcome to see how can we help you:

If you're from the FM cleaning service market, you can find all floor care solutions and the right pads here. Concrete, marble stone, granite stone, pvc, linoleum... with our help, you can easily restore, clean, maintain or polish them to a high gloss end.

For Hard Floors like concrete, terrazzo... you can use

Tricon Diamond Pad or Removal Diamond Pad for deep stripping and restoration

For Stone Floors like marble, granite, travertine...you can use

Lippage Killer Pad to remove lippages

Mshine Marble Pad or Angel Diamond Pad to restore and polish marble stone floors

Granite Polishing Pad to restore and polish granite floors

Diasponge Diamond Pad to remove orange peels and increase gloss on marble floors

For Coated Floors like PVC, Resin, VCT... you can use

EZstrip Pad to strip away old coatings and do recoating again

Maintenance Pad or Xshine Pad to clean and maintain the floors

XGloss Pad to dry burnish or daily clean the floors

For all floors deep cleaning, maintenance or polishing, you can use

Maintenance Pad or Xshine Pad, they're multi-purpose.

Trishine Pad Kit or Supershine Pad Kit, they're both 3-step kit.

Besides, we will share many practical cases to show you how to operate to achieve the good results. Welcome to follow us in Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

It's pleased to know your problems about floor care jobs and we'd like to help. BTW, we also offer the instruction manual and training course to teach how to use it. You can contact with us or our dealer to ask for help.

If you're a middleman like dealer/wholesaler/manufacturer, and you're interested in the floor care business, welcome to contact us.

We believe our strong R&D and 27-year know-how experience can help your brand and clients aquire more values.

Why we deserve your trust?

  • The performance and quality are the top cocncern and so many practical test reports have told us we're better enough in terms of clarity, gloss, slip-resistance and lifetime.
  • The margin is the second thing we focus, we believe the high performance can ensure your safety and values in the market competition.
  • Last but not least, the service. We will send the technician sales to help you train your sales and customers. We can offer you the neccessary training or marketing materials and support you in cleaning shows, demo trainings and marketing activities.

For a long-term partnership, we have more possibilities to discuss. And we only work with middleman not the individuals.

Anyway, thanks for your time reading them and hope we can help you make more values one day.

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welcome to EZshine
Tell us a little about yourself, and we'll be in touch to schedule a virtual or in-person demonstration with a local EZSHINE expert.