Manufacturers & Wholesalers of Cleaning Equipments
Manufacturers & Wholesalers of Cleaning Equipments
Apr 14 , 2022

Make Yourself

Set Apart from Competition

What should we do when more brands and price fighting happened than a decade ago? One of the best choices is to deliver more value-added service to the customers, to help them solve problems, and be happy and satisfied.

For floor cleaning, maintenance and polishing, EZshine can customize the one-stop Diamond Clean Solution for your business. Our focus is to fix the floor care problems with your product system and our professional diamond clean technology. The complete solution aims at making your customers happy and the selling of your product.

Once your customer feels a good result from your total solution, they afford more trust in your service.

How EZshine Benefits

Your Cleaning Business

Dedicated to Diamond Tech

All EZshine businesses since 1993 is all about Diamond Tech. Dedication makes the R&D team deliver faster and more professional service to our customers.

Better Result

Cleaning and Polishing happen at the same time in EZshine Diamond Clean Solution, but traditional floor pads can only clean the floor without any shine, at a higher cost up to 60%-80%. 4X-6X longer lifetime and chemical-free cleaning also make EZshine outstanding.

Solution-Orientated Service

EZshine helps you make a complete solution based on targeted markets. All floors, industries, machines, and applications will be considered here. Let's solve the demands from all perspectives.

Flexible and Fast R&D Support

Innovation always comes from demand so the dedication makes the R&D team can quickly answer your requirements in 24 hours. Share your idea with us and we're all ready to make your designed solution come true.

Let's Make


Good machines working with good tools can make a compact as 1+1>2. In our one-stop diamond clean solution, they fit

· Floor scrubbers

· Single disc machines

· Floor oscillating/orbital machines

· High-speed floor burnishers

· Robotic floor scrubbers

Curious about the solutions for the specific floor types and applications? Please visit our solutions By Floors or By Applications. If you need, we can customize your diamond clean solution and help you with demo, test and training.

Customize My Diamond Clean Solution

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Tell us a little about yourself, and we'll be in touch to schedule a virtual or in-person demonstration with a local EZSHINE expert.